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Self-Assessment Filing Deadline

Self Assessment Tax Return

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There isn’t long left to file your Self Assessment tax returns.

The Self Assessment filing deadline is getting close! Do you need help? Are you struggling to calculate your tax due? Confused with what allowances you can claim? If you have answered YES to any of these questions then give us a call.

Let us take the stress away from the boring calculations. Our team of professionals will complete your tax returns in time to meet the filing deadline.

It doesn’t matter what type of income you have.

  • PAYE income;
  • An investment portfolio;
  • Properties; or
  • Other forms of business income with complex workings

We can deliver a professional and complete service which you will be sure to rely on in years to come.

Register for Self Assessment

Do you need to complete a tax return but do not have a UTR – Unique Tax Reference?

You can register yourself by visiting HMRC and accessing your Personal Tax Account.

Alternatively, we can register you and assist in getting all of your self-assessment tax affairs in order.

Penalties for late filing

The deadline is January 31st 2023. If you do not submit your tax return on time, you’ll have to pay a penalty. You’ll also have to pay interest on both the amount you owe and any penalties. These penalties are in addition to any penalties for paying your tax late.

How can Onyx Help

Please visit us at or pop into one of our offices where a member of our team will be waiting to assist you.

Contact us on 0121 753 5522 for Birmingham or 01902 759 800 for Wolverhampton to arrange a free consultation.

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