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Employers must make arrangements to ensure that all eligible employees  become active members of an automatic enrolment pension scheme from their automatic enrolment date.


Under the Pensions Act 2008, all employers must  offer a workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol eligible employees and also make contributions into it themselves. This is a compulsory requirement for all employers.

Your business will be issued with a staging date, which is the date by which you must start contributing to your employees’ pensions. Many business owners overlook the amount of work and preparation that is needed BEFORE their staging date arrives!

Auto Enrolment - Onyx Accountants
  • Do you know  your staging date? Click here for more information
  • Do you know compliance with the Pensions Regulator is as important as compliance with HMRC?
  • Auto enrolment fines have increased  over the past few years.  Auto enrolment compliance notices are published on a quarterly basis for the following reasons:
    • Employer was non-compliant and subject to further action
    • Unpaid EPNs subject to a Court Order
    • Chair’s statement fines – failing to produce
    • Chair’s statement fines – not compliant
    • Scheme return fine – failing to submit on time
  • The Regulator may impose fines ranging from a £400 fixed penalty to a varying daily escalating penalty from £50 to £10,000 if you don’t comply with your legal duties for automatic enrolment.

Don’t get caught out – call us now for free advice.

At Onyx we have a dedicated team who will manage all of your auto enrolment requirements. We start with all of the administrative duties needed before your staging date  and continue right through to processing your payroll,  including the set up of  new starters and finalising leavers .

There are several tasks that each employer must complete. These are as follows:

  1. Nominate a point of contact
  2. Find out your staging date and make a plan
  3. Assess your workforce
  4. Select your chosen Pension Provider – do your research!
  5. Set up your Payroll system
  6. Communicate with your eligible employees – they can choose to opt out
  7. Auto enrol all eligible employees
  8. Complete the Declaration of Compliance to The Pensions Regulator

Onyx Auto Enrolment Services will take care of  these tasks along with the entire auto enrolment process for you!


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