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Tax Scams – Self-Assessment

HMRC Tax Scams

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HMRC have highlighted the Self-Assessment Tax Scams that rear their ugly head, with the filing deadline looming!

With less than 2 months to the filing deadline HMRC is giving information to taxpayers to help them avoid scams.


HMRC is warning millions of Self-Assessment taxpayers to be aware of fraudsters in the run up to the 31st January deadline.

In recent years, HMRC has received over one million reports per year from taxpayers about suspicious HMRC contact. This includes phone calls, texts, emails and via social media messaging. Of these more than 450,000 were phone scams and over 460,000 reports related to bogus tax rebates.

More recently, HMRC has identified over 13,000 malicious web pages!

The tax authority’s recent scam statistics show tax-related scams have continued to rise during the pandemic, roughly doubling in 12 months.

Recent tax scams statistics have shown that scams have risen dramatically during the pandemic.

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Types of Tax Scams

According to HMRC the most common techniques fraudsters use include phoning taxpayers offering a fake tax refund. They also pretend to be HMRC by texting or emailing a link to a false page requesting bank details. Links and message are made to look authentic, as they mimic HMRC. Fraudsters are also known to threaten victims with arrest or imprisonment if a bogus tax bill is not paid immediately.

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Avoiding Tax Scams

HMRC’s Customer Protection team identify and close down scams but taxpayers should recognise the signs to avoid becoming victims. HMRC does not contact taxpayers asking for their PIN, password or bank details. Taxpayers are warned that they should never do the following:

  • give out private information,
  • reply to text messages,
  • download attachments, or
  • click on links in texts or emails which they are not expecting.

Examples of tax scams can be found here – Examples of Tax Scams.

Reporting a tax scam is very easy with HMRC’s simple tools – visit Reporting Fraud to HMRC to find out more.

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Completing your tax return

We recommend that with less than 2 months to the deadline, now is good time to complete your tax return.  This enables you to have time to collate all the information you need and liaise with your accountant. Therefore avoiding that stressful, late rush to file at the end of January.

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How can Onyx Help You

Our self-assessment tax return services can either be provided as a stand alone service or integrated into a wider scope of accountancy services for your business. 

We utilise HMRC-approved software to calculate your tax liability, finalise and submit your return ahead of the deadline. We will confirm the tax owed and when payment is due.

Need help with your self-assessment tax return then get in touch with us now!

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