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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Management Accounts

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It is important for businesses that are growing, or at a size where control is required to be up to date with both business performance and the financial position. Millions of businesses throughout the country still rely on their end of year figures as an opportunity to review how their business has performed during the year. Only reviewing your financials once every 12 months leaves space for problems to go unnoticed which can be detrimental to the business. Management Accounts is a form of reporting which can be completed monthly or quarterly to keep you up to date with business performance. This allows you to address any issues swiftly limiting damage or loss of profits. The article we have put together covers 6 reasons why your business should invest in Management Accounts.

Our article covers the following points:

  • Provides Regular Updates on Business Performance
  • Detect Problems As They Happen
  • Identify Seasonal Trends
  • Tailored Reporting to Your Needs
  • Encourages You To Speak With Your Accountant On A Regular Basis
  • Know Where The Business Is At Now So You Can Plan For The Future
  • Onyx Accountants Management Accounts Service

Provides Regular Updates On Business Performance

Rather than waiting for your year end accounts to be completed, having Management Accounts reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis will give you peace of mind the business is heading in the right direction. This allows you to make more informed decisions day to day.

Detect Problems As They Happen

Reporting on as little as a monthly basis will allow you to find issues within the business before they turn into major problems. Maybe you have just launched a new product or project which is costing the business more money than it is making? Typically you may not realise this until you have reviewed your end of year accounts. However Management Accounts will allow you to make a decision on a better direction to take before it is too late and becomes detrimental to the business.

Identify Seasonal Trends

Having regular reporting at your finger tips will allow you to identify trends in data, allowing you to plan ahead. Maybe the data shows that a certain product does better in the spring time, therefore you will know to order extra of that product for next spring. Equally it can show where products or services are under performing and need reviewing.

Tailored Reporting To Your Needs

Management Accounts allows you to tailor your reports to your specific information needs. It can drill down into a specific service, product, department or site. This allows you to understand every facet of the business at a deeper level.

Encourages You To Speak With Your Accountant On A More Regular Basis

Management accounts gives you reason to touch base with your accountant on a more regular basis, strengthening your relationship. They also give your accountant a more in depth look at the business allowing them to better advise you on opportunities that may arise. This can include hiring new staff, buying a building or extra site, or extending a product rage and adding a new service. Management accounts gives you the capability to make these decisions with the confident knowledge your business can absorb the extra costs involved.

Know Where The Business Is At Now So You Can Plan For The Future

Management accounts gives you real-time information giving you peace of mind the business is heading in the right direction. This allows you to make plans for the future which you know are obtainable. Maybe you need an office refurb and you know there is going to be a large bill at the end. Management accounts will give you the insight into whether the company can afford to do this. Perhaps it needs to be rescheduled to a time the business is in a better financial position to afford it.

Onyx Accountants Management Accounts Service

Our bespoke in year reporting service will be geared around how business owners want to measure and review their business. Whether we work along side your internal senior finance team, or, Onyx provides outsourced finance manager / director services, the objective will always be that the finance function supports business owners and directors. This is conducted through a detailed review of the bespoke reporting that is jointly agreed to reflect the financials of the business operation. The detailed review will then aid meaningful discussions surrounding feasibility and consistency of various aspects of the business’s plans and gives you time to focus on business goals. Please see our dedicated Management Accounts page here for more information.


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