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Review Your March 2019 Year-Ends

March Year-Ends

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It’s time to review your March 2019 Year-Ends!

Thursday, 18th February 2021

March is a very popular year-end, which also means that the 2-year deadline to claim R&D tax relief will affect a higher number of businesses than any other time of the year. So what are you waiting for – It’s time to review your March 2019 Year-Ends!

This is a friendly reminder about identifying R&D opportunities, in particular if you have a March year-end.

You can claim R&D tax relief going back 2 years, however the window to claim (for the March 2019 period) will close on 31 March 2021. Therefore, you can review your expenditure as far back as April 2018!

Do you have a March year end?

Now is definitely a good time to review your March 2019 year-end accounts to ensure you do not miss any valuable opportunities.

If you are a Limited Company with a March year end – then you must read on….

Does your business fit in one of the following sectors? For example,

    • agriculture
    • architects
    • biotechnology
    • clothing and fashion
    • building and construction
    • cosmetics and skincare
    • digital marketing and gaming
    • distribution and logistics
    • energy and utilities
    • engineering
    • food and drink
    • foundries
    • injection moulding
    • plastics and rubber
    • insurance
    • manufacturing
    • marine
    • aerospace and rail
    • materials and chemicals
    • medical devices
    • packaging
    • pharmaceuticals and healthcare
    • printing
    • security
    • lighting
    • electrical and mechanical
    • software and IT
    • telecommunications
    • travel software
    • waste management and recycling
or, is your business involved in something different… subsequently requiring a bespoke review of your accounts?

Your business will no doubt benefit from a useful conversation with our specialist advisors who are ready to review your accounts for that all-important R&D claim. Even if you do not qualify, let us see if you would qualify for other allowances and reliefs which altogether help to reduce your corporation tax bill.


Contact us now for an initial FREE no obligation consultation, we will:

  • Diligently follow up the initial consultation
  • Thoroughly understand your business activity
  • Explain the qualifying criteria in the context of your business and make an assessment as to your eligibility to claim
  • Identify relevant costs and report back to you with the outcomes of the conversation
  • Pending qualification, your claim will be compiled perfectly in line with the requirements set by HMRC and best practice – Onyx can assure that you will be in the hands of our industry experts and you will be fully informed on the progress of the claim

Onyx Accountants and Business Advisors are ready to undertake a review of your accounts for a potentially huge tax saving that could see your corporation tax bill reduce with a qualifying R&D claim. Let Onyx do the hard work while you concentrate on running your business.


If you have any queries, or want to discuss further, please give us a call or e-mail us at for a FREE no obligation consultation.

Got any questions or queries? Our friendly team of tax specialists are happy to help. Just drop us a line! Call us on 0121 753 5522 or 01902 759 800.

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