• Onyx+

    A range of services to help ensure you pay the minimum tax required by law.

    Onyx Accountants

Onyx+ Services

Onyx+ services provide support for clients to gain additional funding and also provide access to a range of further specialist services.

As markets become increasingly competitive, a lack of funding can often be a major factor in inhibiting company growth. Funding can enable you to take ideas to the next level, allowing development and realisation of new products, processes and services.

The full range of services include:

  • R&D tax relief
  • Patent Box
  • Funding
  • Capital allowances
  • Status protection
  • Specialist tax and VAT consultancy
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Investigations consultancy
  • Land remediation

New from April 2021

  • The Kickstart Scheme – a Government incentive put in place to support as many young people and SMEs as possible.
  • Payroll Bureau – using the latest innovative software – My ePay Window