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Kashflow software

Running a small business is tough enough without the distraction of complicated accounting. IRIS KashFlow small business accounting software has been designed to save you time and effort by letting you manage your accounts on your terms anytime, anywhere.

When you sign up to Kashflow with Onyx your Client Advisor can schedule a 1-1 training session with you to ensure you are comfortable with using the software correctly.

Online Accounting Software Made Simple

Purchases & Expenses

Create and email purchase invoices directly to your suppliers, set up recurring purchases, and add everyday expenses and receipts on the go.

Your Mileage

Ensure you’re getting the benefits you’re entitled to by calculating, logging and tracking all your business travel using our unique mileage features.

Submit VAT Returns

Never miss a VAT return deadline by directly linking with HMRC within KashFlow. KashFlow accounting software is full of useful features including the ability to submit VAT returns via the self assessment software

Run your business from anywhere at anytime

Your Invoicing

Customise, edit, email or print your invoices and set up automatic invoicing and reminders.

Quotes & Estimates

Easily create quotes or estimates, then convert straight to invoice with the click of a button.

KashFlow Go

KashFlow Go gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, all you need is your phone and an internet connection.

Your Reports


KashFlow is recognised by HMRC for online filing of VAT and you can submit your VAT return from within the software. You can create real-time customised reports to quickly get a real time picture of your VAT liability and stay HMRC compliant. No one wants the tax man knocking on their door because they’ve not filed their tax return properly!

Income & Expenditure

You need to know what money is coming in and out of your business to manage your cash flow properly. With income and expenditure reports you can immediately gain insight to your data with; customers reports, by customer or supplier, by payment method, and income by product and income by sales type.

General Reporting

If you just want a quick overview of your finances, there are even more reports, including; balance sheet, asset register, customer purchase history, monthly profit and loss and self-assessment are just a few. With KashFlow’s updated reports you can easily:

  • Add notes to your reports
  • Personalise your reports by adding your logo
  • Export to PDF and CSV
  • Hide or show nominal codes

Read this blog to find about more about KashFlow’s updated reporting.

Track projects and jobs with Xero

Quote on the jobs

Use your estimates of time and costs to prepare budgets with project software.

  • Build budgets from estimates of time and expenses on tasks
  • Send customised quotes for approval in just a few clicks
  • Choose the exact level of detail you want to show customers

Track time and costs

Use Xero’s job tracker to track time, with a start-stop timer and location-based tracking on mobile.

  • Record hours spent on a project at the time rather than later
  • Seamlessly link costs to jobs and projects
  • See exactly where every pound was spent

View profitability

Keep an eye on project financials so you can maximise profit on any job and see how to improve it in future.

  • View job profit margins in an easy-to-comprehend chart
  • See a breakdown of costs, such as time recorded and expenses
  • Quickly identify how much remains to be invoiced

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