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Getting ready for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

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Thursday, 16th April 2020, Updated Monday, 20th April 2020

As announced by the Chancellor, in response to COVID-19 the coronavirus pandemic, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) is one of the measures being implemented to help businesses whose employees have been furloughed.

HMRC have been working at pace to ensure the service to make the necessary claims for CJRS is ready and they have announced that it will be available from Monday 20th April 2020 with payments being issued from 30th April 2020.

The link to make your furlough claim is NOW OPEN! Follow this link to start >> CJRS CLAIM

Read on for further information …..

We would recommend that, due to high demand, you start to get ready so that you can make your claims. The service will be available online only and cannot be accessed before the launch date.

Check if you are eligible to make a claim.

Be advised that it may take approximately 6 days for your payment to be released once it has been submitted and approved by HMRC.

Please refer to the attached calculation and claim guide.

You will need to provide the following to make a claim:

  1. A Government Gateway ID and password and you must be enrolled for PAYE online.
  2. The bank account number and sort code so that HMRC can pay your claim.
  3. Contact details just in case HMRC need to call with any questions.
  4. For Limited Companies – Company UTR (Unique Tax Reference) or CRN (Company Registration Number)
  5. For Partnerships or Self-Employed individuals – Your Self-Assessment UTR (Unique Tax Reference)
  6. Your PAYE reference number.
  7. The name, employee number and National Insurance number for each of your furloughed employees.
  8. The start and end dates of your claim – remember the minimum length is 3 consecutive weeks.
  9. The total amount being claimed for all employees and the total furlough period.
  10. If you have more than 100 employees included in your claim then you will need to upload a file containing all of the relevant information for each employee. Further guidance will be made available once the service is launched.

Do you use an Agent? Contact Onyx Now!

For Onyx clients – we will compile the above information for you and will be ready to make the relevant claims once the service is available.

If you use a third party who is authorised to act for you for PAYE purposes, they will be able to make a claim on your behalf. You should contact them now.

Call Onyx now if you need an authorised Agent to act on your behalf during these unprecedented times and we will assist with your claim.

File Only Agents

File-only agents and some payroll bureaus will not have the authority to act on your behalf due to data protection reasons, as they are usually only responsible for submitting your RTI returns. They will not be able to make a claim for you.

You will need to contact them and ask for the information listed above so that you can make the claim yourself.

Call Onyx now if you would prefer to have an agent who is fully authorised to act on your behalf for all your payroll needs. Saving you the hassle of the number crunching and navigating HMRC portals.

At Onyx we can assist with setting up your Government Gateway and enrolling for PAYE Online.

HMRC Service – Launch Date is Monday 20th April 2020!

HMRC have advised that they have already been contacting businesses to provide important information on how to access the service. The attached guide provides step by step guidance.

The only way to make your claim is via the online portal. It will be simple to use with any support needed being provided on HMRC’s website.

Claims will be paid within 6 working days, however due to high demand it may take a little longer. The amount claimed will be paid directly into your nominated bank account.

At the request of HMRC, please contact Onyx as your authorised agent for all support queries relating to your payroll and CJRS claim. This is to help with the high demand on telephone enquiries and it is important that we all help and support each other.

Do you need help now? Do you need an authorised Agent? Please get in touch.


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