Developing Financial Strategies To Help Support Growing Engineering And Manufacturing Companys
Onyx have developed financial strategies to help support growing engineering and manufacturing businesses overcome cash flow issues caused by market volatility, long order to delivery cycles, and late payments while helping to address the need to finance new product development required to capture new markets and streamline costs. Onyx analyse and build the required financial support process from the ground up, helping to source funding and smooth cash flow, while creating cash “headroom” to help fund new innovations and processes. Central to the financial management process is the establishment of monthly management accounts that break-down the production cycle to identify inefficiency and areas of cost leakage. To cope with the volatile effects of an uncertain and changing global and national economies Onyx will help plan strategies to help cope with both the rapid upsizing and downsizing that is symptomatic of some sectors and so relevant to current market trends.  
We Can Help In So Many Ways
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